Notable Results – Insurance Defense


 Disclaimer:    The Florida Bar now allows attorneys to publish past case results.  Past case results indicate some of the types of cases an attorney has handled and some of the results obtained.  However, past results are never an indication of what can or will be accomplished in your own, individual caseEvery case is different. You may not obtain the same or similar results.   Nothing here or anywhere else in this website is to be construed as a prediction or guaranty of success or specific results.

Only “filed” case results shown:   Attorney Chris Anderson has resolved a great many legal disputes, civil and criminal,  before a lawsuit or charging document has been filed.   However, because it is more difficult for such non-filed case results to meet the “objectively verifiable” requirement of Rule 4-7.13(b)(3) of the Lawyer Advertising Rules of the Florida Bar, such results of non-filed cases are not shown here.

TI97-735 Shears v. Denton. 113.  This was an inmates “civil rights” lawsuit brought in Federal Court.  It was United States District Court, Middle District of Florida, Jacksonville Division Case No. 96-1011-CJV-J-99(S).    Plaintiff claimed he was beat up in Bradford County Jail.  CJA defended Bradford County Jail corrections officers Leann Griffis and Donald Denton.  CJA got case dismissed by filing a combined Motion to Dismiss for Failure to Prosecute and Alternative Motion for Order to Show Cause Why Case should Not Be Dismissed for Want of Prosecution.

Splitt, Denton v. Bradford County and  Billy Coleman.176-365.   Bradford County Case No. 97-106-CA.   Government entity defense.    Inmate abuse / neglect case in Florida State court.  CJA represented Bradford County and its employee Billy Coleman and got this case dismissed for lack of prosecution.

O.P.  v. City of Flagler Beach, et. al. .269-3852    Insurance Defense case.   St Paul Public Sector Services.   Flagler County Circuit Court case no. 99-761-CA    Plaintiff alleged he was wrongfully beaten up (battery / excessive force) by City of Flagler Beach police officer.  After discovery and deposition the Case was dismissed for a waiver of costs and attorney fee claims.

Williams v. Bradford County (CJA file No. 99-278-4056.  Bradford County Case No. 99-308-CA.  St. Paul Public sector services case.   There was a knocked-down stop sign at the “T” intersection of NE 154 17 avenue and NE 17 avenue near Starke, FL.  The Plaintiff identified communications which she alleged gave the County notice of and responsibility for correcting the knocked-down stop sign.  The plaintiff vehicle continued forward without stopping at the “T” intersection and crashed in the woods, nearly severing Plaintiff’s  arm; Arm was saved only by luck of having a super-specialist at Shands Hospital who achieved fame by saving “nearly lost” limbs. .  CJA reported to Karen Moon.   Plaintiff’s counsel sought $100K (full statutory government tort liability limit); the case was settled for $35k.

Pilotti v. Crescent City. (CJA file No. 97-139-179).  CJA reported to Titan Indemnity Company.  Putnam County Case Nos. 97-, 5167,5168, 5169,  5170,-CA.  Cases all consolidated into one case.  Witnesses claimed the police officer “blew” red light, crashing into the Plaintiff’s vehicle.  The wreck was very severe.  The insured police car knocked Plaintiff vehicle completely out of the intersection.   All four of the occupants of the vehicle struck by the police car originally sought $100,000 apiece.  The first Plaintiff settled for 5k; The second settled for 5k;  The third settled for 25k.  The fourth settled for 20k.  .

Larkin v. Mercury Insurance Company (CJA file No. 08 Larkan (MC) 843), Duval County Case No.   16-2008-CA-006775.  UIM claimant demanded full, $50,000 limits of Mercury UIM coverage.   Settled for $4,250.

Betts v. Mercury Insurance Company.  Putnam County Case No. 07-622-CA-53.  This was a $25,000 policy case.  CJA got the case dismissed in its entirety for failure to respond to discovery without any payment whatsoever to the Plaintiff .

Pearson v. Eagle Towing.  St. Augustine / St. Johns Count Case No.  CA SE-08-2272 Demand = $330,000.  Settlement = $40,000.  Disabled vehicle came off hook of Defendant/Mercury-insured tow truck and rolled into Plaintiff vehicle.

Strelski v. Security First Insurance Company.  Clay County Court Case No. 2008-CC-172.  The insureds (the Strelskis) alleged their airline luggage was stolen with approximately $6k worth of American Indian Pottery in it.  They sued their own homeowner’s insurer, Security First.   After substantial work by CJA, the Strelskis’ attorney withdrew and CJA got case dismissed for lack of prosecution.

Hammond v. Calhoun.  Duval County Case No. Duval 16-2008-CA-014786-XXX-MA. Auto-versus-auto collision case.   Plaintiff demanded $100,000 policy limit.  Insurer offered $7,000 pre-suit.  Settled for $15,000 after inception of lawsuit.

Williams v. Direct USA. Nassau / Duval County Case No. 16-2010-CA-7618.   $1 million commercial truck policy.  Plaintiff demanded $750,000.   Settled for $25,000 after discovery.

Overstreet v. Wallis.  Duval County Case No. 2010-CA-000059-XXX-M.    Plaintiff with prior TMJ surgery and ongoing TMJ symptoms rear-ended by insured truck.  Plaintiff demanded full $300,000 commercial-truck insurance policy limit.   Case settled after mediation for $33,500.

Glisson v. Song Gao.  Duval County Case No. 2010-CA-010658.   Auto-versus-auto collision.  Plaintiff demanded $50,000 policy limit.  Case settled for $15,000.

Dasilva v. A & L Creations.  Nassau County Case No. 10-CA-987.   Collision between insured commercial logging truck and Plaintiff’s automobile.  Post-accident spinal surgery.  Plaintiff initially sought entire, $1 million policy limit.   Case settled for $40,000.

Shannon and Milton Baker v. Mercury Insurance Company of Georgia.  Duval County Circuit Court Case No. 16-2009-CA-4089.  Both Plaintiffs sought compensation under their Mercury UIM coverage.  Both claims settled for the single sum of $4,000.