Notable results – Juvenile Criminal Cases


 Disclaimer:    The Florida Bar now allows attorneys to publish past case results.  Past case results indicate some of the types of cases an attorney has handled and some of the results obtained.  However, past results are never an indication of what can or will be accomplished in your own, individual caseEvery case is different. You may not obtain the same or similar results.   Nothing here or anywhere else in this website is to be construed as a prediction or guaranty of success or specific results.

Only “filed” case results shown:   Attorney Chris Anderson has resolved a great many legal disputes, civil and criminal,  before a lawsuit or charging document has been filed.   However, because it is more difficult for such non-filed case results to meet the “objectively verifiable” requirement of Rule 4-7.13(b)(3) of the Lawyer Advertising Rules of the Florida Bar, such results of non-filed cases are not shown here.

State v. W.D. (CJA file No. 06-710)  Juvenile client was  charged with felony grand theft auto and felony removal of a serial number from a firearm.  CJA represented the juvenile through trial in which the Client found guilty only of the lesser offenses of possession of a firearm by minor and misdemeanor trespass.  The juvenile client was sentenced probation only and was not sent to a juvenile delinquent facility.

State v. M.T.  (CJA File No. 07-768)  Juvenile was charged with Burglary to dwelling, a third-degree felony.  The most significant issue was the dollar amount of restitution to be paid by the charged child’s family.  The victim claimed over $10,000 in stolen or damaged property.   CJA utilized a jewelry expert witness and the restitution amount was reduced down to $3,500:   a $6,500 reduction.

State v. K.J. (CJA File No. 07-788 & 789).  Juvenile who admitted to theft was charged with the much heavier offense of  robbery.  CJA represented the juvenile through trial, during which the State dropped the robbery charge mid-trial and accepted a plea to the lesser, theft charge which eliminated the risk of a much heavier sentence.

State v. D.G. (CJA File No. 99-298).  Juvenile client was charged in three separate cases with multiple instances of misdemeanor marijuana possession as well as one felony burglary.  CJA got the State to drop the felony burglary charge and allow the client to plead guilty to only the lighter, misdemeanor marijuana offenses thereby protecting the juvenile client from a heavier sentence.

State v. T.H.  (CJA File No. 02-429)    Juvenile was charged with battery on school employee, Fla. Stat. 784.03 and 784.081(3), a very serious offense.  CJA worked out a negotiated plea agreement which resulted in this juvenile client being sentenced to court-supervised probation only.

State v. A.W. (CJA File No. 01-434.  Fla. Stat. 810.02(4). Juvenile was charged with burglary to structure, a 3rd-degree felony.  CJA worked out a negotiated plea agreement which in this juvenile being allowed to plead guilty to the lesser offense of trespass.  The judge withheld judgment of guilt and sentenced this juvenile to probation.

State v. J.T. (CJA File No. 98- 182-410) Juvenile client was charged with grand theft.  CJA worked out a negotiated plea agreement by which the juvenile was sentenced only to community control and the judge withheld judgment of guilt.

State v. M.S. (CJA File No. 320-5123).   Juvenile charged in multiple cases:   Three separate burglary to dwelling, 2nd-degree felony, cases and a fourth case in which the juvenile was accused of painting racist graffiti on walls of a high school.    CJA has do answer “ready” for trial on all cases.  Cases were “dropped” except for one burglary case which went all the way to trial and ended with the judge finding CJA’s client not guilty of the burglary.

State v. A.M. (CJA File No. 000323-5259). Juvenile was charged with Possession of firearm (handgun) by a minor.  The State possessed evidence that the gun had been fired.   The case ended with the judge withholding judgment of guilt and the juvenile being sentenced to probation only.

State v. M.C. (CJA File No. 00-329-5420.  Juvenile was charged with burglary to dwelling, an 2nd-degree felony under Fla. Stat. 810.03 and grand theft, a 3rd-degree felony under Fla. Stat. 812.014(2)( c ).  CJA resolved the case through a negotiated plea agreement which resulted in the juvenile being sentenced to community control, with his family being ordered to  pay only one-third of victim’s $1,000 restitution claim.

State v. C.R. (CJA File No. 01-397-5680).   St. Johns County / St. Augustine juvenile delinquency  case in which juvenile client was charged with misdemeanor theft and 2nd-degree felony dealing in stolen property.   The case resolved through a negotiated plea agreement whereby the juvenile pled guilty as charged was sentenced only to probation.

State v. S. H. (CJA file No. 01-398-5681).  Juvenile client was charged with felony aggravated assault based on an accusation that juvenile client struck someone with a pipe.   The State ended up dropping the charges entirely.

State v. Z.G. (CJA file No. 00-341-5625.  Juvenile client was charged with burglary to structure and multiple, additional theft charges.    CJA worked out a negotiated plea agreement whereby the juvenile client pled guilty to a lesser, grand theft charge and all other theft charges were dropped.   The juvenile was sentenced to probation only.

State v. X.B. (CJA file No. 08-824).   Juvenile client was charged with sexual battery, with the State seeking enhanced penalties for multiple perpetrators.  A Life Felony.  CJA got all charges “nolle prossed” (dropped).

State v. D.C. (CJA file No. 07-JV-771).  Juvenile charged with home invasion robbery w/ firearm.  CJA convinced the State that juvenile client was innocent and charges were dropped.